I have paid for StbEmu Pro on Google Play, but cannot download it. Google Play asks me to pay again

This is a known issue in Google Play. Give it up to 24 hours to process your payment and update the data on your device( s). You can also try to open a web browser on your PC or mobile device, go to Google Play, find StbEmu Pro (direct link) and install it remotely onto your device(s).

The app resets volume level when I change channels

This is a known issue on some devices made by Sony, Phillips and Xiaomi. Some other device may also have this issue.

To fix this issue you can make the app use system (global) volume level: in Settings > Common settings > check Always use system volume level. You need to reload you currently active portal from the app's menu for the changes to take effect.

How can I customize portal UI? I don't like the colors or icons.

Portals are located on your IPTV provider's servers, so unless your IPTV provider has an option to change UI elements, you cannot change anything there. Most portals don't support UI customization so the UI can only be changed by IPTV provider only.

When I add some channels to Favorites and reload portal they disappear. I cannot move favorite channels in the list

All channel lists, including favorites, are stored on your IPTV provider's servers. If the app doesn't load favorites or load them in a wrong order this means your IPTV provider has not configured the portal properly. This issue can only be fixed by your IPTV provider.

When I play channels there's a lot of buffering

In most cases when buffering happens this means either your network connection or your IPTV provider's network connection is not good enough to stream video to your device. If you are sure your network connection is good try telling your IPTV provider about this issue.

How can I load m3u playlists in the app

StbEmu does not support m3u or any other playlists, only portals designed for MAG boxes.

I cannot create a backup or restore a backup in the application

Currently, this feature only works properly on Android 10 and older versions. Since Android 11 applications can only read and write files in their own folders. An app can request a permission to read or write files in other folders, however this feature doesn't work on some Android TV devices and some Set-Top-Boxes (STBs) and it won't be fixed 1, 2.

If you're using one of the devices where this feature does not work, unfortunately you won't be able to create or restore backups on such devices.